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Curious readers often become paying customers. And readers become curious only when they engage with your marketing message. Our professional website copywriting services build engagement while keeping search engines happy

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Fast response time, commitment to quality, consistency & a proven history of writing copy that sells make us a preferred web copywriting services partner for IT Companies.


Our copy not just meets the intention of your readers, it caters to the evolving search engine algorithms. Making your website claim higher slots in SERPs. 


Our web copywriting rates are customized according to your budget and needs, and we always deliver on time. With us you never have to experience any commitment not taken seriously, ever. 


Our web SEO Copywriters produce high-quality copy work, and before they work for you, we make sure they know their job better

Industries We Serve

IT companies, and businesses from evolving verticals, including health and wellness, travel, farming, gadgets etc.

Type of SEO Web Copy We write

Blogging, Articles, Case studies, Emailer, Web Page Content, Press Release, White Papers, Ebooks, Infographics, Curated content, Newsletters, Interviews, Slides, Tutorial, Classifieds, Brochure, Podcasts, Reviews and testimonials, User generated content

Our web Copywriting Charges

Every project is different, and so is our charge. We don’t break your bank, but we don’t work for low-paying clients either. To learn more, please contact Us

Our webcopywriting Process

We follow a systemtic process – keeping you in full control of all the developments, in real-time. To learn more, please view How it works section on this page. 

B2B Website Copywriting

Copywriting – business copywriting to be precise – is the art of persuading readers to make an action; such as buying a new product, making an enquiry or joining a newsletter. 

Copywriting has its footprint across all marketing channels – both online and offline. In fact, nothing truly exists without communication and in this respect, if copywriters go for an indefinite strike, the business world would come into a standstill.

While traditional print copywriting is more focused and precise; web copywriting is more elaborate, information-centric and seeks to inform and educate readers in order to influence them become customers.

Web Copywriting is often called content writing and those who compose and manage the copy are known as web content writers.

How it works?​


We gather your web copywriting brief, including information about your industry, your expectations from the partnership etc, to name a few


We conduct keyword research, and competitive study. This helps us in our next stage – which is composing intent-driven, SEO optimized copy


We put our heart and mind into creating high quaity,optimized web content that works across digital platforms 


We send you timely analytics so you track performance, and depending on your objectives, you can customize the orders. 

Serving Website Copywriting, with SEO

Both SEO and content go hand-in-hand.

You need good content to get found online, but you need to get found online before people read your content. 

Our copywriting for website content and other marketing materials are geared towards a digital-first environment. The web copywriters stay updated with the latest Google algorithms and accordingly craft conversational copy that ranks. The effective use of meta, internal linking, readability all are taken into consideration. 


How to write better web copy?

Relevancy is the key
Good density of keywords
Maximum use of active voice
Proper use of headings and subheadings
Use of bullets, bold, italic, underlining, and color
Inclusion of images, video, and other media
Use of short words with impact
Avoidance of Jargon, Bureaucratese, Hype
Creation of a sense of urgency
Alignment of Buyer Persona and Buying Cycle
Proper linking with internal and external websites
Balanced and intelligent structuring of words
Clear call to action

What are the different types and forms of web copywritng

Web Copywriting comes in so many forms and shapes. In fact, there are hundreds of types of content, and each of them has its significance and value potential depending on the target audiences it is written for and the platforms it is published on.

Here is a partial (and perhaps ever evolving) list populated with some of the most common types of web content –

• Blogging
• Articles
• Case studies
• Emailer
• Web Page Content
• Press Release
• White Papers
• Ebooks
• Infographics
• Curated content
• Newsletters
• Interviews
• Slides
• Tutorial
• Classifieds
• Brochure
• Podcasts
• Reviews and testimonials
• User generated content

Why Choose Us as Your Web SEO Copywriter Services Partner

We can help you focus clearly on your desired business message and sell your product/services confidently. There’s a power in business storytelling…

Fast response time, commitment to quyality and consistency & a proven history of writing and promoting copy that sells make us a preferred web copywriting services partner for IT Companies.


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