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Professional Quality Description writing Services for e-Com Sites

For e-commerce websites, product descriptions form the first impression.

Writing high-end descriptions is the art of playing with the words and persuading people to spend. We ace on each of these!

To sustain your brand in this competitive marketplace (when so many of your competitors are offering a product, with more or less the same features) it means a lot to have very well-written, optimized product descriptions. 

Our product description writing services are affordable does not mean they compromise on quality


  • Reasons your product descriptions are not working
  • Tips to write great product descriptions
  • Importance of SEO optimized descriptions
  • Benefits of our writing services
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Reasons Your Product Descriptions Are not Getting The Desired Results –

  • Your product descriptions are poorly written, they are generic and do not necessarily hit the main objective in the first place – engagement with readers
  • Your product descriptions are too long and make your readers bored
  • Your descriptions are too short and kill the reading curiosity before it is developed
  • Your descriptions are not well formatted
  • You have not described the products’ benefits the way your readers would love to learn it
  • Your product description writer fooled you using copied content
  • You have not covered important details
  • Your product descriptions are not SEO optimized
  • You have poor quality images that do not engage
  • You do not have reviews, ratings and other credentials to reinforce authenticity
  • Your product’s URL structure is wrongly developed
  • Your descriptions lack social proof

Use These Tips to Write Great Product Descriptions –

  • Understand your target audience
  • Write your descriptions in their language and desired reading priorities
  • Focus on the product benefits
  • Tell a story rather than writing a description for the sake of writing it
  • Use natural tone and language
  • Use hard-hitting words
  • Keep descriptions well formatted and easy to scan
  • Place keywords evenly across the description
  • Optimize all the elements – content, and visual properties for increased on-page time, better SE ranking and more purchase activities
  • Use clear, impressive images. Do not forget to optimize them
  • Intelligently tell a story with an aim to sell the features  
  • Check spellings, grammar & make it simple for users to give honest feedback

The power of SEO product descriptions for E Commerce Sites

Well-optimized product descriptions are those that are not written for search engines in the first place, but rather those that target both readers and bots. A proper URL structure, evenly-placed keywords, meta tags, meta descriptions, tagging, image Alt Text, links are all critical part of e-commerce product descriptions.

Our Product description writing services – The Key Benefits

  • Lift product’s visibility in search engine results pages
  • Increase search engine traffic and sales conversion
  • Smart, simple product descriptor writing – not too long, not too short but evenly balanced in terms of length
  • Product description writing service that is affordable, & quick to order
  • Factually accurate descriptions that convey all the features
  • SEO-optimized product description writing solutions
  • Well-researched descriptions, Copy-scape passed content

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