How to market your field service management (FSM) product online

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You have a great product, but do you have a field service content marketing strategy?

If your answer is NO, kindly read this article. 

The next few minutes of reading may open new revenue-generating opportunities for your business. 

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Many small field service product companies are not taking full advantage of the Internet. This means they are missing on new leads, prospects and ultimately paying customers – every day, and in a huge number. 

It is an entrepreneurial tragedy that people who spend too much personal time on the net, neglect net’s power to boost their own business. #Entrepreneurs #contentstrategy

Here are some Google Analytics data – showing search volumes for ‘Field service management’ keyword

Avg. monthly search volume for the keyword ‘field management service’

As you can see, people are constantly searching for FSM products on Google, with some keywords generating as much as 1k to 10k search volume worldwide every month. 

This is just a small instance. If you try the keyword ‘FSM’ or ‘Field service management’ with popular variations, I’m sure you’ll have promising data waiting to be explored. 

Try it yourself with Google Analytics 

Many of the searchers must be in their final phase of making a purchase decision. If they can’t find you online, then what? Your competitors, who enjoy a popular online presence, will find them – making you lose a sale that could be yours.  

What’s making FSM entrepreneurs missing the online bus? What is stopping them? 

Let’s start with some questions. Questions that refuse to die and keep small field service management companies away from online platforms. 

As a small business owner, I have many priorities. One is to limit unrealistic expenses. Online services, being costly, don’t necessarily make a sense to me, as of now.

Cost factor governs everything I know. But downplaying online services citing cost reasons is not a practical thing to do. Online marketing is not expensive. In most cases, it is affordable than traditional advertising. 

A website, for example, is a small one-time yearly investment that keeps you connected with opportunities you never knew existed. It gives you worldwide coverage and keeps sales door open even when you are sleeping. Is this achievable with traditional advertising, such as if you buy Tv or Radio slots? No.  

Having a popular digital presence is not costly, and with easy access to digital platforms including social media where your audiences gather, your opportunities for growth exceed, your liability to spend lowers. 

I am too late for it. The Internet is not my cup of tea. 

There’s never a good time to get started with content marketing for your field service management. Of course, the market is competitive, but it does not mean you can’t make a cut. Even the old players fail if they lose consistency and new players spring up if they commit to a realistic strategy. It’s all about how you do it, when you do it and whether you do it with your full mind or not. 

Even if I start content marketing for my field service management product, how will I measure its effectiveness? 

With access to tools that provide actionable insights to your content performance, you are always in full control to continue or suspend your content investment. Although I believe it is always important to wait before you make a major decision. See below.

Will I get quick results or be left in the whirlwind of promises and no value?

Expectations hurt when we talk about keeping patience. Digital & Content marketing is just like any other far-sighted activity. It will not boost your happiness overnight. But growth will happen faster if you maintain an active, engaging digital presence. Things become easier if your product is so good that people will readily want to use. 

A typical content marketing campaign should continue for at least 4 months to fetch actual results, even if your budget is low. 

What did I mean by actual ‘Results’? I did not mean ranking reports, link to published content, the number of people visiting a blog. Of course, they are part of the bigger picture, whereas the actual bigger picture is people ringing your phone and making a purchase.

How to make a content marketing strategy for your field service management business? And how to ace it on every step of the way?

  • Identify your digital target audience

To know who you need to target online, start by looking at who already use your services. For example, if most of your orders come from home security companies, target their CEOs, CIOs, CTOs on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social platforms. Reach out to them using paid ads, bylined executive blog posts on these platforms. 

Segmenting your digital customers means knowing who they are, what are their designations, which social platforms they frequently visit to, which type of content they read, etc to name a few. 

  • Build stable digital assets 

Remember audience profiling is an act in continuity, and it will evolve with time, providing more insights for better marketing decisions. 

Once you have a pretty fair idea about who your customers are, shift your focus to building digital assets. To market your FSM business, you need to distribute your efforts across all these key assets – 

  • Website 
  • Social Profiles 
  • Newsletters 
  • Online Reviews 
  • Blog 
  • Online reviews 
  • Q and A site
  • Online listings  
  • Maps 
  • Influencer marketing 
  • Engage with your audience 

Engagement comes in the form of increased staying time on your website, comments, likes, shares and it is rewarded when someone makes some action (Real Results).

Building digital assets is part of the job done, but to gather benefits out of it, you need to actively engage with your readers everywhere you leave a footprint.

Someone making a comment? Continue the discussion.

Someone placing a query after reading your blog? Reply in a jiffy and appreciate they read your content.

Someone just viewed your profile on LinkedIn? Send them a connection request with a personalized message. 

  • Make the most of your content marketing on a limited budget

You can repurpose existing content, use employee branded content, and employ field guest bloggers to write for you.

Field service content management strategy is an evolving process. It doesn’t start instantly and it should not end abruptly. Start with a clear voice, and build fitting marketing message that makes the world a better place with happy service people.

Key Takeaways  

Real content marketing for field service management application or business starts with question and activity  

What keywords are they entering in Google? Keyword research 
What questions are your customers asking? Find ideas and write content 
Where are they spending their time online? Promote content on targeted platforms

Thanks for reading

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