10 SEO Content Writing Types: The Ultimate Guide

10 SEO Content Writing Types: The Ultimate Guide

Searching for common types of SEO Content? Read about the variants, along with their brief coverage. SEO content has evolved over the years, and with frequent Google updates keeping the focus on content quality unchanged, it goes without saying that each SEO content type has its measurable impact in how a message gets treated – by search engines & people. Continue reading!

SEO, Content & Message

SEO – short for – Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a website so that people can easily find it in search engines such as Google. Content is something that lives on the web and is accessed by human readers. So, if we put both of them together, then SEO Content is the content that is published on the web, with the aim of attracting search engine traffic.

If you have a website and do not have time writing content, then it is highly recommended you use high quality, organic and search engine friendly content with the help of professional SEO content writing services. In the current digital world, content is everything and it should be written by keeping in mind the target audience of a specific website. SEO content writing companies help improve the return on investment of online businesses with classy content that not just ranked well, but also engages the audience.

SEO Content should be organic, contextual and relevant to topic – without the overdose of keywords & the sole intention of gathering backlinks.

How to create a high-quality SEO Content?

For creating high-quality SEO content for your website, there are many things that contribute to making that possible.

  • Keyword research: If you are looking to generate traffic to your website through a keyword, then before writing the content, search for the best and appropriate keywords. Then start writing the content on the topics related to that keyword.

  • Keyword Optimization: To get maximum search for the chosen keyword, you need to see how many times the keyword land in the content as well as the page.

  • Content Organization: Organize the content on your website so that the visitors find the related content easily.

  • Content Promotion: Promote the content on the social media and other digital platforms by sharing links.

10 SEO content writing types

SEO content can be written in any of the following types. 

  1. Product Pages: The pages of the products are very essential in an e-commerce website. People who want to make an online purchase need to gather all the information related to the product and a good product page is the one that fulfils both the purposes SEO content and PPC landing page.

  1. Blog posts: To develop a regular stream of SEO content, a blog is the best way of doing it. Normally, blog posts are quite interesting and attract a large number of readers, they are helpful in attracting links rather than product pages. So, blogs are a great way to build the strength of the website.

  1. Articles: Article is the most common type of SEO content that you can find on a newspaper site and also on Magazine website styles. New articles or a piece of the interview/ article can attract audience.

  1. Lists: A list is also a type of article but it can be framed in the form of a list such as “ten ways to reduce your energy bills” or “hundred ways to make your skin glow”. These types of articles get more clicks on the search engine.

  1. Guides: A guide is a piece of content that is longer than normal and explains in detail about the topic. It can be made interesting by allowing users to read the summary and to view the whole content they need to log in. This is a good way of generating traffic.

  1. Videos: Videos are comparatively less than the pages of text on the web. So, to get easy ranking, a video can be generated on the specific keyword search. Videos are great SEO content and attract a large number of visitors.

  1. Infographics: Infographics are the large-format images that contain huge data on a specific topic, many links and page views. As the images are not readable, it is good to add a few images with the quality text.

  1. Slideshows: It is the way to display a series of images that are related to one another. For SEO content that is read by search engines, you can add a good title and description of the image.

  1. Glossaries: Most people search Google rather than look for a dictionary. Glossaries are a good way to grab search engine traffic for your website.

  1. Directories: A directory is a classification of resources around a specific topic and also offers links to sites. For example, create a blog and add links to buy the product by redirecting the link to the site’s buying page.

SEO content writing services can help you drive traffic to your website. Professional marketers choose the most appropriate type of SEO content that helps in gaining quality leads.

These are some general types of SEO content but there are endless possibilities to attract potential leads.

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