Recipe of Using Keywords in an Article

If writing is an art, and not science; placement of keywords is not a rocket science.

How you use keywords in an article can make or break your purpose of writing that article. Wrongly put, expect a slap from Panda. Rightly put, you are in for a treat with candies and candles (read traffic and conversion). The issue is there is no hard and fast rule as to how keywords should be placed in an article and the opportunity is you can use the keywords wherever you want. Either way, it’s a quandary: - you can’t be overly experimental yet you can’t ignore using it.

This is a brief article with some trusted and tried tips on how you can use keywords without sacrificing quality of your article. Read on, for any suggestion, don’t forget to leave your comments.

Recipe of writing an optimized article with a proper keyword density.

What you need:
  • Primary keywords
  • Secondary keywords
  • Article Title
  • Article body
  • Link Text
If it’s a 500 words article, consider using primary keywords and secondary keywords. For example, you are writing an article about how to make cupcakes for a websites that runs a cupcake business in Delhi - your primary keywords is cupcakes in Delhi and secondary keyword is buy cupcakes. How would you go about it?

Article title:  Use once – the primary keyword

Article Body: Use primary keywords three times – once in the last part of the initial para, and once in the concluding para, use secondary keyword only once in the mid para.

Link Text – That’s called resource box. Use both primary and secondary keywords once 

There’s no surety if the rule can take your article at the top of SERP or if it can generate any traffic. Things actually depend on how informative your article is. Make sure to not stuff your article with keywords, use wisely with an aim to connect keywords with your marketing message so cleverly that the trick remains trick yet the article becomes usable for readers.  Google, Bing and Yahoo want you to write for your audience, and not bots. So, the safe side is to adopt an ethical approach yet without sacrificing your marketing message.

How to do that?
  • Pick a topic uncovered on the Web
  • Write with a purpose
  • Solve an issue
  • Offer readers a reason to trust you

On doing that, if you creatively use the keywords, there’s of course no harm. But as I mentioned before, aim to write a useful article. Your readers will forget where you used keywords and bots would take it lightly ;)


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