How to Hire an SEO Content Writer

Quite often, the reason for a website failure is contributed to commonly known factors– reduced traffic, unfocused marketing objective, confused execution of ideas and etc. If the reason is to be evaluated broadly, a range of insight fully interesting facts come across, which I have clustered into types, such as –
  • A marketing guy – who wasted most of his paid time watching YouTube videos
  • An SEO executive – who over-committed himself only to find he is still learning the basics
  • A designer – who copied existing design and unprofessionally wanted to make it his own 
  • A developer – who unnecessarily tweaked wrong codes to make an extremely load-taking website
  • And an SEO content writer – who doesn' know how to convert readers into long standing customers – let alone grammar and spelling pains
With such a perfect blend of non-doers, the best thing to expect is a website that doesn’t serve any purpose, but wastes your hard-owned money.

What does it mean to the website owner?

Money overspent on wrong resources, time wasted on worthless solutions, increased worries and sleepless nights

How not to become an unhappy owner

Choose the right resource for the right job. While it sounds easy, in reality the task is highly tough. There are unending parameters of choosing the best resource. Parameters differ from niches – for example; if keyword analysis is an integral element in an SEO executive’s resume, a developer should have expertise on the CMS of your website. In this article, let me explain the key strategies to hire an seo content writer – given today’s online marketing is more about writing than anything else! If you hire a writer who knows how to do the job well, you have few things to worry

How to do that?

Be a part of the hiring process

If you are the owner of a big business, you may have limited time to directly take part in the hiring process. In such case, you can assign your representatives with guidelines as to what you require, how you want them to approach. However it is always suggested to be part of the overall process to ensure you are confident of your judgment. A first impression acquired is better than first impression heard.

Define your requirements

Defining requirements becomes better if you are clear of certain doubts. Define your requirements from your expectation and history. I listed a few common questions and tried to offer answers as sample

  • Why do I need a writer now?

Because my former in-house writer utterly failed to do his job. He came with a convincing portfolio only to prove he listens to no one and executes wrong trick in the right time
  • Why do I need an seo writer?

To popularize my fashion website across the Web for better traffic, improved results
  • How long would I need a resource?

As long as I become a known brand on the niche I work, but not less than year
  • What I want the resource to do for my website?

Listens to me and executes successful ideas, yet with minimal training
  • What is my budget?

Don’t know but I want an affordable resource
  • Which sort of writer do I need?

Ready to outsource or assign a remote resource from my own country

Okay, now based on the answer, you would require an experienced freelance fashion writer, who listens to you and uses his own ideas that work!

Most importantly, you need an obedient but expert freelance seo writer.

Choose from alternatives

The answer to this question is already solved and mentioned in your requirement. If you are not happy about an in house writer, consider hiring a remote (freelance writer). If you are okay about paying enough money for quality work, consider hiring a native writer. If you are unsure of cost, hire a remote employee from another country.

Contrary to what is opined, hiring a remote employee from another country (outsource) doesn’t mean you need to compromise with quality. Good writers locate everywhere; you just need to widen your search and beware of stupid promises.

Where to search

Best sources: Referrals, social media, job boards

A recent trend among resource hunters is to visit authority copywriting websites and contact writers who guest blog. The oldest but easiest idea is to count on the power of Google
If you have done the initial searching stuff and ready with a few writers, it’s time to filter out the right resource

How to hire my writer

Signs of a good writer

Nice Portfolio: A good writer should directly come to the point. He should mention the past experiences of working on projects similar to yours. In case you want the writer for fashion website, he should cite the name of the website (client), the content strategies he followed, the results he earned. The proof of project should be verified with feedback of the client he had worked. That’s testimonial.

Live results ready: Because he is an seo writer who writes for spider and people; he should be able to send you URLs of a few content that are ranking well on Google, Yahoo and Bing

Expert in the niche: If the writer really knows how to write for the Web, he shouldn't hesitate to discuss with you key strategies he would execute to popularize your brand on the Web. To help him answer the question, ask him the sought questions. What is the best content marketing idea he has for your website? how frequently would he use the keywords in an article?

Open but professional: An experienced writer should have no issue sharing with you initial ideas that he think could work, but a professional writer would also not want to share with you the details. You may be a good client, but bad guys do exist. They would vanish knowing the tricks – so if your resource limits him with overview of suggested ideas, that’s ethical.  

As the project progresses, the scope of work and requirements would change so it is not possible for him to present a breakthrough idea initially 

Ensure you are confident

After you hire, you know if he offers original content, maintains deadline and makes you happy by reporting on time. But, here are the immediate conditions that should make him a resource you can rely
  • He is friendly
  • Listens to you
  • Offers readily usable ideas
  • Has sufficient knowledge of SEO
  • Maintains a portfolio that is credible
  • Writes like layman yet informs like an expert 

How to proceed with the writer
  • Set a price            
  • Keep contact information accessible
  • Pay the upfront

Choosing a freelance writer from a specific niche is a different topic, which requires execution of some thoughtful ideas, such as categorization. I will cover the article in some time later. Meanwhile, do let me know your thoughts – which tips do you have to hire seo content writers?  

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